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Is it time to reveal this?

I’m not saying everyone should like it.

But it is a possibility.

You know, to go back to the year they met and start all over again.

The truth is, I’d rather they end it at the conversation under the yellow umbrella.

But they shot the ending years ago. So what can I say, it’s determined from the beginning.

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I sent my dad a message today, ”I’m sorry”. He came from work to see if I was okay. I think he thought I was killing myself. I’ve never felt more loved. And he forgave me.


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Oh. Marry me, Big!
"First of all, I’m not in love with him. Secondly, if I love him, I shouldn’t go back. Thirdly he’s a bastard. Fourth, if I love him and go back, I’ll be miserable."
Brigitte Bardot, Les Femmes (1969)

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"Only idiots refuse to change their minds."
Brigitte Bardot

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